The All-in-One

LED Design Platform

Design, map, and manage all your LED projects
with one intuitive cloud-based platform

Design, map, and manage all your LED projects with one intuitive cloud-based platform

What is Populite?

Populite is the all-in-one solution for your LED design needs. Our software empowers your team to unleash their creativity, design with unmatched flexibility, and collaborate effortlessly. From intricate neon signs to captivating wall washers, Populite helps you bring your vision to life.

Intuitive Graphic
Manipulation Tools

Populite provides a user-friendly interface for editing your imported graphics. Easily modify elements with features like:

  • Drag-and-drop positioning
  • Resizing and rotation
  • Color adjustments
  • Border modifications

Design Assistance

Populite offers an initial step into AI-powered design assistance with its “Populate” mode. This mode leverages AI to automate specific tasks within the population workflow:

Automatic Population Modes: Effortlessly configure your LED layout with features like single or double line populate options. Intelligent Auto-Populate: With a single click, populate all elements within your design, streamlining the LED placement process.


Populite utilizes cloud-based technology for real-time access, collaboration, and data storage.

Design and access your projects from any device with an internet connection.

Design Support

Populite offers comprehensive design capabilities for various LED products. Create layouts and configurations for LED modules, neon signs, wall washers, strip lights, and channel letters.

Power Supply
and Statistics Integration

Populite simplifies the design process by allowing you to seamlessly integrate power supply and statistical data into your layout.

With a single click, automatically generate these essential elements within your design.

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